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These words are                 to be spoken by the goddess

herself.   They cause terror IE their hearts.

The chief aed the elders beg her with folded hands to

forgive them. They promise to all her demands. They would

celebrate CfcVaaraaIu".

Then the Ejjaralu ixes the date for the celebration. The

people make preparations for the celebration with fear in their

hearts that if there Is any flaw, Mother Desi would get angry and

spare them EO more.

Mother Desi is symbolised by a stone under a tree sear

their Tillage. The stone lies in the open air.

They tie banners at the Eastern and Western boundaries

with small branches of the neem tree, brooms, discarded baskets,

wooden ladles and bamboo winnows. They are intended to give

protection from the evil eyes.

On the appointed day, the women folk carry pitchers of

water on their heads and proceed in a procession, to the

accompaniment of drums and trumpets, to the tree of Mother


Mother Desi enters the Ejjaralu.

The   Ejjaralu leads the tree procession, brandishing small

branches of the seem tree, supported by women.

The women go round the three times, washing the stone

slab by emptying their pitchers. They sprinkle turmeric powder

and put a vermilion mark on the stone.

The sacriicial animal (a pig or a sheep or a cock) is first

washed and then sacrificed before the stone.

Mother Desi likes the black colour.   So they take care to

select   a   black pig or  other  black coloured Animal   for